Décor Products & Services

Box Mounts

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This exciting new product provides a clean, secure and elegant way to finish your wall décor.

In this process we mount your image to a rigid substrate & laminate it to protect it. Once this is complete, we place the mounted piece into a “box” frame that provides a unique, floating appearance to your art, protecting the edges as well as providing a timeless look that works in any décor setting. Box mounts also provide a glare-free finish and almost 180 degree viewing angles, unlike regular glass framed pieces.

In addition to the obvious UV light and cleaning benefits, our box mounts provide a sensible, often times more cost effective alternative to conventional framing.

Specialty Décor

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Many of todays building décor projects call upon elements that are beyond typical framed applications. In these instances, we utilize many different graphic methods to obtain the look our clients desire. Combinations of applied graphics, dimensional cutouts, standoffs, cut vinyl and other special substrates all help to get the job done.

Our ability to incorporate photographic imagery, cut vinyl application, digital printing on to virtually any substrate and access to the industry's best hardware providers lets almost any graphic idea become a reality.

Large Format Décor

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Large format décor elementsutilize huge graphic elements that take up significant space on walls and partitions. Our printing technology let's us manufacture large murals on wallpaper, laminated photographs, rigid substrates and almost any other material you can think of. This variety of products lets us cover almost any surface, smooth, bumpy, curved, damaged, you name it!

Health Care Décor

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Health Care Décor, is a true blend of many of the products we have developed over the years, coupled with today's best technology, and well founded scientific facts. It wasn't until we had the opportunity to work with some of our local hospitals and health care networks that we realized what a fit our conventional services were in the health care field. Working with local hospitals led us to “Evidence Based Art”, and it’s power to help people heal, comfort family, as well as make work environments more positive and productive. We also then realized that some of our other resources gave us (our customers) access to literally thousands of images that fit the criteria of this science. Hence a new and extremely exciting product line was born!

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